Cottage Garden Threads

New to our store is a beautiful new range of hand dyed stranded cotton threads.  These threads are all beautifully dyed and cut into managable lengths with 10mtrs of thread in each skein.

Its History

Pam Spurway is the  dyer and passionate creator of Cottage Garden Threads.  Cottage Garden Threads has been continually growing in popularity and demand for over for 12 months.
Now for the facts: Threads with the wrong treatment can bleed their colour but Pam is proud to produce 95% colour fastness due to the time and effort she puts into the preparation and process of dying. From batch to batch there may be slight variations as with all hand dyed fibers but as the sole dyer, Pam manages to control extreme differences.

Cottage Garden Threads has been designed with a short colour length of 2 to 3 inches especially for embroidery to enable a good variation of colour in smaller lengths of stitching. The variegated colour sequences are inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds her every day, living in rural Australia.

The range is constantly growing as interest increases. Specialty dying of thread colours is also available upon consultation of designers requiring a specific thread colour combination or style.

Being a small business owner herself, Pam understands the difficulties in competing with the larger chain stores and companies and so to offer her support, she intends to exclusively stock smaller shops and designers.

Threads can be purchased individually or in packs online at